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Approved Questmaster Application: Nesaak

  1. Nesaak

    Nesaak <> Kaasen JR <>

    • Alpha+ Participant
    Jun 22, 2017
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    Minecraft IGN:

    Position applying for:

    I am 15 years of age, living in the USA [EST].

    How long have you been on active in the Minecraft community?:
    It's been off and on around 5 years now, I've always had a passion for the game and put in a lot of my life into various different Minecraft communities.

    Why do you think you would make a good Questmaster?
    Well with Alpha just released, I find myself constantly immersed in the gameplay and in the lore of LoV. I've always had a passion for creative writing and with video games as well. I always try and keep the player engaged, I also am a huge supporter of a little bit of humor in each quest. A small quest can stick with the player the most if they get a little giggle out of it. I would be a great quest master because I can relate to a player I've never even met. I understand the lore of LoV and understand the gameplay style and RPGs in general. Anyway, what better way to show my skills than to read a little bit of my work. (In no order)

    These might not fit into LoV but they are just some concepts I toyed around with.

    Lost in Translation

    Running from the Law

    Escaping the dark

    Clearing the Crops

    If Accepted would you be able to commit to a Bi-Weekly Meeting on Saturdays at 5PM Central (server) time?
    That's definitely manageable, I could come most every time.

    Additional info you would like to tell us?:
    I would just like to go over a few pros/cons about me! ;)

    Very Fun-Loving and cheerful.
    Very Active among discord and Ingame.
    Vast knowledge of Minecraft and RPGs.
    You get me, you get my memes.

    Can be immature sometimes.
    You get me, you get my memes.
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