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Important Patchnote 0.1.5 (Relaunch In-Progress)

  1. Miso_Soup

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Legends of Valeros
    We are a minecraft server with custom developed Plugins and Map
    IP: Play.LegendsOfValeros.com

    Links: Rules ,
    Planet Minecraft , Twitter , FaceBook , YouTube
    Web Site & Forum (here) , WiKi
    Join our Discord

    Balance Change
    • Adjusted exp rates for mobs in Azure Forest
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed main questline not working
    • Fixed Petrey Delwin quest
    • Fixed monsters not spawning upon entering area
    • Fixed inn not saving after relogging
    • Fixed getting stuck when teleporting to inn
    • Fixed mobs not registering properly
    • Fixed mobs not spawning in intro area
    • Fixed data bindings
    • Fixed armor durability not working
    • Fixed trading gold not updating the pouch
    • Fixed merchants giving full stacks of a items purchased

    Changes & New Additions

    • Detailed some areas of the map
    • Finished other side of dwarven gates
    • 60% completed new zone - Badlands
      (Dry, canyon / desert, orc lands)
    • 15% completed new zone - Bael'der Foothills,
      Loch Khodan, and Duan Ghalar
      (Snowcapped mountains, pine forests,
      large rock pertrusions)
    • 70% planning completed for new zone - Boglands
      (Enormous mushroooms, swampy, humid)
    • Quest compass now works (no more text coords)
    • Conversation formatting
    • Vanilla mobs take one hit to kill
    • Lazy spawn-loading for smoother gameplay
    • Completed Honor Points System
    • Completed Open-World PvP System
    • Recruited Race Historians for Orcfen, Dwarven, Fayfen, and Sylfen
    • Still looking for Race Historians covering Arkaska and Nord
    • Writing for Society and Politics 50% completed
      (Family values, Gender roles, Community, Social etiquettes,
      Moral & Ethical constructs, Social constructs (What is
      considered successful, what is shameful, etc), Education
      systems, Political hierarchy, War tactics and Fighting Styles)

    Upcoming Features

    • More Dueling Modes (Staked vs Unstaked)
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  2. YoungDo1ph

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    Nov 17, 2017
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  3. YoungDo1ph

    YoungDo1ph Aka BankManager

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    Nov 17, 2017
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    Cough, release this saturday cough.
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