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Important Patchnote 0.1.4 (Relaunch In-Progress)

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Legends of Valeros
    We are a minecraft server with custom developed Plugins and Map
    IP: Play.LegendsOfValeros.com​

    Links: Rules ,
    Planet Minecraft , Twitter , FaceBook , YouTube
    Web Site & Forum (here) , WiKi
    Join our Discord

    Balance Change
    • No changes

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed scoreboard team spam
    • Fixed database bindings
    • Placed placeholder items with correct textures

    Changes & New Additions
    • 50% completed new zone - Badlands
      (Dry, canyon / desert, orc lands, -
      - think "Mad Max" environment)
    • Planning phase for new zone - Boglands
      (Enormous mushroooms <3)
    • Revamped Azure logging mill
    • Completed dwarven village
    • Created new Race Historian position
    • Optimized bank item saving
    • Optimized server setup
    • Added support for multiple currencies
    • Added quest reward options
    • Added pvp mode foundation for future dev
    • Added toggleable pvp flag / priority system

    Upcoming Features
    • Honor Point System
    • More Dueling Modes
    • Open-World PvP Testing
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