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Important Patchnote 0.1.3 (Relaunch In-Progress)

  1. Miso_Soup

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Legends of Valeros
    We are a minecraft server with custom developed Plugins and Map
    IP: Play.LegendsOfValeros.com

    Links: Rules ,
    Planet Minecraft , Twitter , FaceBook , YouTube
    Web Site & Forum
    (here) , WiKi
    Join our Discord

    Balance Change
    • No changes
    Bug Fixes
    • Mobs will no longer float down when changing block heights
    • Mobs will no longer zig-zag when traversing terrain
    • Mobs can reach players who are spot-killing

    Changes & New Additions
    • Detailed some areas of the map
    • Mistwoods now has a new mini dungeon: "Spider Queen's Nest"
    • Rehauled Heaven's Reach front gates to match one in lobby

    • Rehauled Mob AI in the backend
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