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Important Patchnote 0.1.2 (Relaunch In-Progress)

  1. Miso_Soup

    Miso_Soup Staff Member

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    Legends of Valeros
    We are a minecraft server with custom developed Plugins and Map
    IP: Play.LegendsOfValeros.com

    Links: Rules ,
    Planet Minecraft , Twitter , FaceBook , YouTube
    Web Site & Forum
    (here) , WiKi
    Join our Discord

    Balance Change
    • Fixed / balanced mage skills with warrior skills
    • Mini Dungeon bosses now have much more health

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed mobs spawn floating in the air
    • Fixed more inventory duplication bugs
    • Fixed weapon usage speed, animations now work
    • Fixed inverted player menus
    • Fixed warrior skill "Fortress Skill" continuing to work after 5 seconds
    • Fixed blacksmith stealing items when in the same slot
    • Fixed quest objectives not working
    • Fixed "Frostbolt" not slowing down monsters by 50%

    Changes & New Additions
    • Detailed some areas of the map
    • Azure Forest now has a new mini dungeon: "Vindicators Den"
    • Azure Forest main questline is fully completed
    • Added 1 new side quest in Heaven's Reach and 3 in Mistwoods
    • Items stats will be automatically updated when values are tweaked for balancing purposes
    • Items now drop, and can only be picked up by others after 10 seconds
    • Item drops will glow different colors based on their rarity
    • Items will make a sound when picked up
    • Added Quest rewards (Select from up to five rewards after finishing a long arduous quest)
    • Added Magiksmiths for recharging mage weapons w/ awesome new UI
    • Added banker npcs, you can purchase more bank space if needed
    • Added quest compass, the compass will point to the npc/location of interest of your active quest
    • Added quest dialogue choices, choosing specific dialogue options will lead to triggering different
      dialogue responses or other objective lists.
    • Added basic weapon skins to each weapon type
    • Replaced items with button icons in trade menu
    • Added a rare and expensive potion to reset skill points "Potion of Amnesia"
    • Party members share xp
    • Chat is now toggleable
    • Added debug mode for players to check how much damage they are outputting
    • Added Item Version NBT (For staff use)
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  2. UnoWild

    UnoWild Staff Member

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    Sep 2, 2017
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  3. Aug88

    Aug88 Staff Member

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    Nov 9, 2014
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    yup more incoming
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