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Important Patchnote 0.1.1 (Alpha)

  1. Owlchapo

    Owlchapo Game Master Staff Member

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    Aug 7, 2016
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    Legends of Valeros
    We are a minecraft server with custom developed Plugins and Map
    IP: Play.LegendsOfValeros.com

    Links: Rules ,
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    & Forum (here) , WiKi
    Join our Discord

    Balance Change
    • Frostbolt has been made a single target spell
    • Knockback has been removed

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed "incorrect weapon slot" notification on some skill usage
    • Graveyards have been fixed causing crashes.
    • Partially fixed player inventory rollbacks
    • Unrepairable untradables fixed
    • Notification at low durability (though durability still has no effect)
    • Players being invisible after death has been fixed
    • Monsters don't become invincible after receiving lethal damage
    • Monsters despawn properly now reducing server lag
    • Some quest objectives have been updated and work now
    • You can no longer equip weapons from another class or higher LvL
    • Fixed duplicate names
    • Quest markers have been fixed
    • You can no longer interact with hoppers
    • Mob AI has been improved
    • Items now stack properly
    • Fixed item requirement glitch
    • Fixed inventory not auto saving
    • You will no longer get messages when you pick up 0 coins

    • Notification at low durability (though durability still has no effect)
    • Banking has been added (2559, 2282 Heavens reach)
    • Enemies should no longer teleport
    • Mobs which are 5 levels above your current level will no longer give you the XP
    • Extended the cave system in Azureforest burrowdeep mine
    • Some 2x1 hole have been patched up
    • Fast travel points added to Azure and Duran Marches
    • Added Mage weapons till LvL 20
    • Rebalanced drops, Mage and Warrior weapons now have a equal chance of dropping
    • Texture pack has been updated
    • Added more mage items
    • Items can be destroyed by throwing them outside the inventory
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  2. UnoWild

    UnoWild Staff Member

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    Sep 2, 2017
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    Nice update, thanks for moving this here from Discord. :)
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