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Approved MeatFeastMan's Herald Application

  1. MeatFeastMan


    Sep 28, 2018
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    Minecraft IGN/Age: MeatFeastMan and 19

    Position applying for: Herald

    How long have you been active in the Minecraft community?: Late 2010 I started. Been in and out since then, mainly playing creative servers.

    Timezone: GMT (I live in the UK)

    What are your areas of expertise?:

    Answering questions. I'm good at it, always have been. I'm not a great explainer, but my knowledge is always really strong. I will put all my effort into understanding every single bit on this server, so I have the knowledge to then answer people's questions on social media, forums and any other platform that you are currently or may use in the future.

    I think the key to this role is to put across things in an enthusiastic way, and also, to be active. And I have buckets of hours on my hands, I'm not currently doing anything at the moment. That's why I'm interested, because I'm available pretty much all the time apart from early morning obviously. (In GMT of course).

    How will you use your skills to benefit your team of choice?:

    Well, I have all the time in the world to be on Minecraft Forums, Social Media platforms, and I will do everything to get the server known. I'll update the platforms and inform people of new features on the server through those platforms. I will answer all questions that people have on forums, and regularly check to make sure that every question is answered correctly and in as much detail as needed. I will make sure to put everything across in a positive way.

    I will try to retweet related content. This includes things like minecraft builds that have a related theme. Retweeting other Minecraft MMO's , engaging with REAL MMO's/RPG's etc (This is a valid and clever way of attracting players). Retweeting I will update people on the progress as much as possible. I would even go as deep as showing day by day progress on Twitter, just to give an insight into how fast (or slow) builds are moving.

    It depends on what you want really. I can do loads of different things to grow the server, or I can just do the basics. I have as much time as you need.

    Additional info you would like to tell us?:

    I'm very shy in real life, and I prefer to avoid the use of my voice. So when it comes to contacting me on discord, I do private messaging but not speaking in voice chat. I get all red faced as soon as I try speaking, so that needs to be avoided.

    You can chat to me on Discord with: MeatFeastMan#1869

    Thanks :)
  2. Miso_Soup

    Miso_Soup Staff Member

    • Administrator
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    Jul 20, 2017
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    We will need someone helping out our Public Relations Manager when we hit relaunch. You may be a good fit.
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