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Important LATEST CHANGELOG (August 12th)

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    Nov 1, 2017
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    The latest update brings a ton of bug fixes, changes, and additions.

    Give us your opinion down below :)

    - Added custom tab list (not visible to the player yet)(edited)
    - Added update message on quest progress
    - Added warnings if a player is not counted into a zone
    - Added friends module
    - Installed Keycloak as an authentication service and fixed a lot of network problems
    - Added Playerprofessions leveling and saving in the API
    - Added Herbalism gathering nodes and implemented the generalized profession behavior
    - We are now kicking the player if an error occurs while logging in and loading data. This should prevent players from being frozen in the login screen
    - Generalized Gathering Profession so new ones can be added within a short time
    - Prevent game modes on the live server (will add an admin mode)
    - Added BTL+
    - Added a queue system which will be used by many new modules (for example arena, battleground, and dungeons)

    - Improved performance debugging tools
    - Updated database ItemMaterial to match the new Materials from 1.13+
    - Migrated from Spigot to PaperMC
    - Updated to 1.14.4
    - Updated all Libraries to 1.14.4
    - Migrated from BungeeCord to Waterfall
    - Prevent interaction with levers, buttons and pressure plates
    - Disabled / prevent gliding and swimming
    - Updated the restrictions to use the new blog materials from 1.13 / 1.14
    - Re-enabled interaction with wooden doors

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed a bug that caused friend commands always being directed to the own player
    - Fixed a bug that caused characters not being deleted correctly
    - Fixed a rare bug that caused players not being created correctly
    - Fixed bugs caused by 1.14 that was caused by async event calls
    - Fixed bugs regarding item adding and removing (items are now using the correct custom stack size and are not disappearing/duplicated out of nowhere)
    - Fixed a bug that caused sometimes Citizens Npc names not being visible
    - Fixed a bug that caused offline players not being able to be removed from the friend list
    - Fixed a visual bug that made it able to remove friends that are not in your friends list
    - Fixed a bug that was caused by professions, which caused the player to be frozen in the login phase / unable to login
    - Fixed an error on repair quest
    - Fixed a rare bug on duels, that caused the player to have 0 Hunger
    - Fixed a rare bug, that caused the player to have 0 hunger on character log in
    - Fixed a bug that caused items not being able to be dropped/destroyed
    - Fixed a bug that caused region errMessages not being displayed correctly
    - Fixed a bug caused by 1.14

    Please note that the alpha server is currently in a really unstable state. The server will be approximately back into a stable state within the next one or two weeks
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019

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