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Approved Builder App: Funkster42

  1. villads


    Sep 20, 2017
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    IGN: Funkster42
    Applying for: Builder
    Age: 15
    I live in EU
    Timezone: central eurpean standart time
    I have been playing Minecraft for about 3 years now. ive always been a fan of building in creative and never really been a fan ofsurvival in anyway. i have been building for some time now and i finally think i am good enough to join a team

    i am mostly a fan of iether doing some terraforming or some old buildings with alot of nature around them

    i have done a few building over my years but none are like REALLY big projekts like the once you guys are doing here. i mostly make builds that are like 50x50x05 blocks.

    i dont have any pictures so show u here but i can show u a few if u contact me in discord..
    my discord is::splattergat#5864

    sorry for the lack of pictures!
  2. UnoWild

    UnoWild Staff Member

    • Moderator
    Sep 2, 2017
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    Some pictures, please :)
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