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Important Ban Appeal format

  1. UnoWild

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    Sep 2, 2017
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    Ban Appeal format:

    Before posting your Appeal ensure that:

    - Your Appeal follows the format listed below.
    - That all of the sections are answered.
    - You understand that Making An Appeal Does NOT Guarantee Acceptance
    - Your Appeal is NOT a priority for staff to review.
    • Double check everything before submitting, your Report may be locked after posting
    • Wait patiently and check your appeal daily but do NOT bump it. Please wait at least 24hrs for a reply (it may take months)
    • Do NOT use your own special formatting in your report, including adding anything other than your name in the Title
    • Do NOT send a Personal Message or Profile post of staff to look at your Report, it may be deleted for this action
    • Do NOT post information about your ban in any other forum other than this one
    • Do NOT cuss or flame Staff in your report, you will be sent a Warning & your report Archived without a response.
    • After a decision is made. Once again, be patient as spamming may decrease your chances of being unbanned
    • Admins make decisions on the Reports from OLDEST to NEWEST
    • Posting this you agree to the Rules and are PLEADING your case.
    • If you post a second Appeal while your last one is still open we will close and remove the older one which will result in you loosing your turn, thus you will have to wait longer. We will lock appeals but this does not indicate it is being review or ignored.

    Discord Ban Appeal format
    Highlight all within the appropriate box below,
    then post it into a new thread in this section


    Discord ID:
    Why were you banned:
    Who Banned you:
    Date ban occurred:
    Why should you be unbanned:

    Game Ban Appeal format
    Highlight all within the appropriate box below,
    then post it into a new thread in this section

    Open a new thread

    1. Title: ONLY place the Appealing player's IGN ( In Game NAME )
    2. In the post use the code below by pressing Select All, copy all that text
    3. Paste that into your post, then fill it out
    [color=#dd2423][b]1[/b][/color]- YOUR In-Game name (list current and previous if applicable):
    [color=#dd2423][b]2[/b][/color]- Who Banned you:
    [color=#dd2423][b]3[/b][/color]- Ban Date:
    [color=#dd2423][b]4[/b][/color]- Client Version & Mods Installed:
    [color=#dd2423][b]4[/b][/color]- Any previous bans on this server
    or a bans linked to your ip?:
    [color=#dd2423][b]5[/b][/color]- Message you see when you attempt to connect to the server:
    [color=#dd2423][b]8[/b][/color]- What will you do next time to ensure this doesn't occur again?:
    [color=#dd2423][b]9[/b][/color]- Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal:
    [color=#dd2423][b]10[/b][/color]- I Have Read and Agreed To All Of The Instructions In This Template?:
    [color=#dd2423][b]11[/b][/color]- Do you understand that is you make another Appeal while one is still pending that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N):
    [color=#dd2423][b]12[/b][/color]- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanation:

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