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Architect App: HRZNzero / Smolli

  1. HRZNzero


    Feb 6, 2019
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    1. Minecraft IGN: HRZNzero
    2. Position applying for: Architect
    3. Age|Timezone: 18 as of september 2018, CET, Switzerland
    4. How long have you been around on Minecraft?: I've joined Minecraft via MCPatcher back in the good old days when hunger was not yet a reason to be concerned about and everyone used the optimus prime skin on the offline-servers. Basicaly I've seen the entire making of the game. My main account is registered since 2013 :)
    5. Why do you think you would make a good architect?: I've been working on many projects and had pretty much always been part of the creating rather than the consuming part of the MC comunity. I love to create new content (partialy why I joined an art-school in 2013, I will graduate in summer 2020).
    6. Post screen shots of your creation here USE CONQUEST TEXTUREPACK ONLY. I have a PMC where I uploaded some content from my RPG server project as I was working on it. Other than that I got some sneakpeek previews of projects I had worked on. I've known the conquest mod/rp for quite a while however never really used to it. I'm still positive, that I'll be able to adapt its new features very quick (I mean, its literarely a builders dream come true with all its additional content)

    (I suppose if I get accepted into trial phase I'll have to build something on a testserver of yours? If yes, I would really appreciate it if I could either get WE or if I were to be allowed to stream the process and build on a server I host on my own pc. I hate building inefficient aka. manual placement of sections I could mirror xd)
    1. Additional info you would like to tell us?: I've been working in the creative section of Minecraft for as long as I can think. The pvp had never really been mine and so I focused on creating content. The "pinacle" of my carreer so far has been when I joined Gazamo creative in early 2015. I continued to improve a lot under their surveilance, sadly had to leave them as of October 2016 when school put me under heavy stress. Since then I've joined quite a few projects and buildteams, raning from minor projects with friends to working on big maps for networks. Of course I also kept building on my own. I took a rather long break from Minecraft in 2017, returned at the end of the year however and started helping the development of a SAO-Server. Due to some problems with the head-admin I left the team. I can not really show any content from this section as I had to sign an NDA... however I started to work on my own RPG project soon after. I mostly focused on configuring plugins, however during that time I also created some first parts of the map. Sadly the longer I kept working the more I had to come to realize, that this position I had put myself in was more of a administrating than a creating position - something I didn't want to continue. Then, by random chance, I've seen a post on PMC of your project and was imediately convinced, that this was what I've been looking for: a server that wants to create an immersive, nextgen RPG in Minecraft. I'm looking forward to contribute to this project as much as I can. (I also still got all the premium-resources from spigot so in case you could need some of those, I'd gladly give you the login-data to my account so that you could get these for free. I have no use for them anymore :D)
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  2. Aug88

    Aug88 Staff Member

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    Nov 9, 2014
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    hey Smolli,

    Danke for your application, we would like to invite you over to our discord https://discord.gg/AyjMWhf

    hope to see you there

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