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Important Alpha February Update Highlights

  1. Jim

    Jim Social Media Manager

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    Nov 1, 2017
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    Oh hey there!

    It has been a while since the last post on the changelogs.

    This month's Updates include many bug fixes found by our beloved Alpha Participants!

    Our Developers have been working hard the past month, so kudos to them!!

    Detailed Changelog

    - Updated spell damages
    - Migrated database bindings to a centralized API
    - Attack stats now give flat edits to base damage
    - Percentages in skill descriptions are now standardized
    - Weapon damages in skill descriptions are now standardized
    - Started working on professions, added basic classes and added first professions items
    - Added "interact with block using item" objective
    - Added toast and title notification actions to quests
    - Added remaining time to auctions
    - Fixed entity pathfinding in water (maybe)
    - Fixed item destruction
    - Fixed character book formatting
    - Fixed block interact particles
    - Fixed honor points not being correctly saved
    - Fixed pouch currency changes always being behind one update
    - Fixed a bug where quest actions wouldn't resume correctly
    - Fixed server login prevention for re-logging too
    - You can no longer buy and bid on your own auctions
    - You can no longer auction untradeable items
    - Fixed questgiver trait error
    - Fixed login async bukkit API access
    - Fixed an error that caused mails not being correctly sent
    - Fixed 0 second skill cooldown error
    - Fixed a bug with character inventory and xp storage
    - Fixed admin skills being available to normal users

    If you want to participate in Alpha, you can always buy a pass http://store.legendsofvaleros.com

    Till next time,
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